NewsBites: US House Passes Healthcare Bill, Nikki Finke Destroyed by Gawker?, “Gossip Girl”‘s Eric Daman, Fort Hood Shooter Gave Signs, Tracee Ellis Ross Styles!

Infamous Healthcare Bill passes the US House of Reps…Let’s all read the fine print to see what Americans actually got in all of this. [CNN]

“[Nikki Finke] described herself to I Want Media’s Patrick Phillips last winter as “Hollywood Dominatrix” — well, that’s more like it. Only it’s not always entirely clear who’s really holding the whip and chains.” – Best kicker sentence of the day. [AdAge]

“You Know You Want It”- that’s the book by the “Gossip Girl” stylist, Eric Daman. LOL at the self-importance. [Fashionista]

Tracee Ellis Ross, Style maven breakdown. [FashionBomb]

Fort Hood shooter gave warning signs…[NYT]

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