Rihanna x Diane Sawyer: “It Can Happen To Anyone”

ICYMI, Rihanna filmed a sit down interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer which airs on “20/20” on Friday (also my birthday– why must it be filled with such promotional swill, I ask you?). During the iv, the pop singer says of the incident: “This happened to me. … It can happen to anyone.”
Hold on a tic, an iv snippet also airs on Thursday during “Good Morning America.” I’m sure we’ll all be watching…
My take? I’m not upset that Rihanna’s finally talking. Get it over with. What bothers me is that she’s “talking” around the release of her “edgy” album, but that’s all the Def Jam weirdness, that I’m accustomed. I doubt that Rihanna will EVER tell anyone, like Chris Brown, what actually happened in the car because it probably make them both look inappropriate and violent. I feel sorry that she had that experience, and as a famous person in her position, my guess is she feels that doesn’t actually have the choice to NOT discuss the incident. However, Rihanna does have a choice. She can do whatever she wants, she’s the one with the talent, and the popularity, even if the Def Jam machine orchestrated it. Whitney Houston was a mess for what seems like 10 years, and she only did one interview with Diane Sawyer (do you see a pattern?) that made her look like a straight addict from “The Wire.” Other than that piece of compelling TV, and that ridiculous “Being Bobby Brown,” we thought Whitney was all good girl. Which reminds me, watch out for Diane’s “tell mama everything” attitude Riri…she’s going to go in.

Thoughts ladies?


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