Theeee Yankees WIN!!!!!!

So the Yankees finally completed their quest for their 27th World Series Title. Yep, 27.

The Philadelphia Phillies were going for number 3. They just got number two last year. Nice run for the Phillies though. Unfortunately this time they played the Yankees, and the likelihood that this team would run out of gas or will melt under the pressure of being in the World Series like Tampa Bay did? Slim to none, and slim clearly went on a Tahitian holiday.

I’m not going to sit here and say this was going to be a cake walk. Chase Utley hit about 739 home runs, Cliff Lee made the Yankees look silly twice, and even Ryan Howard and his nose chipped in at the end. Problem is, they played a team that has more than a few players that have more rings than the entire Philadelphia Phillies franchise in their own personal collection.

The reason the series was so entertaining to watch no matter who you were rooting for? The Phillies are built like an AL team that plays in the NL. This worked well for them, as long as they stayed in the NL. They probably walked in super cocksure because they took two out of three from the Yankees at the stadium at the beginning of the season. I would have held on to that too-except as it turned out, they beat a Yankees team that was struggling and without everyone’s favorite new playoff darling, Alex Rodriguez.

So they came to the Bronx, and stood in the face of history (the Yankees won the WS the last time they opened a new building-and 25 OTHER times-including a sweep of the Phillies), talent-Hideki Matsui showed why he is known as Godzilla, Jeter was clutch as usual, and even Alex Rodriguez came up big in spots.

The Yankees also have Mo Rivera. This is not just some random closer who did well one year and then fell to pieces the next (Brad Lidge much?). Check his stats. Teams have had approximately 6-7 innings to outscore the Yankees, and do it against a team that has given up 2.3 runs on average since the playoffs started.

Lets not even get into the lineup. The last two games against the Angels seemed to wake up some sleeping bats, and the scoring came from all over the lineup, which was really bad news for everyone on the visiting side of the park.

The Yankees are blessed to have paid for a top notch offense that clicked at the right time.

They outscored opponents 80-50 this postseason, and made silly putty out of pitchers who were touted as being “some of the best in baseball.”

So yeah, while some may go the route of angling slurs against the Yankees and their greatness, or talking about steroids and bought and paid for teams, we here at the Evil Empire fan central are just sticking to the facts, and they look something like this:

Most playoff wins EVER? Pettitte
Most playoff saves EVER? Rivera
Most World Series rings EVER? Yankees

See you in the canyon.

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