DJ Parler’s Parlour Jams: THROWBACK!

DJ Parler! parlourthropwback

I love dance music, as shown with Double O’s mix (Yay Kidz In the Hall!) so I was juiced when my mentor and homeslice DJ Parler cooked up this gem. Be prepared for the samples from all of your fave dance tunes ladies and this mix is like 30+ mins long.



NYC based DJ Parler (par-lay) has rocked audiences from coast to coast, including South Africa, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and beyond. His eclectic style and ability to move a crowd allows party goers to experience a musical journey that ranges from Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Breaks & Rare Grooves, Reggae, Rock, 80’s & 90’s, International Sounds and more. Check out his SAMPLOLOGY Mixtape Series and the Bailout! every Thursday at the NYC club, Sutra.

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