When Telling All Is Telling Too Much

So, since I grew up around the game of tennis, most of the people I talk to about sports are buzzing about Andre Agassi’s book.

There was a whole discussion regarding his appearance on “60 Minutes” recently (the entire interview after the jump…), and I’m finding the reactions of the tennis world to Agassi’s book very interesting. From Martina Navratilova’s suggestion that he’s no better than a steroid junkie, to Marat Safin’s assertion that he should return his titles and his winnings.

Judging from what I have read of his book, Agassi is either a small man looking for attention from a sport he no longer plays, or some sort of freak that is now flaunting all he was able to get away with years later.

How true any of this stuff is is beyond me, but he has clearly fallen into the trap of the “celebrity tell all,” where under the guise of “helping others” once prominent figures bare their souls or at least the parts that will increase book sales-to let others know they are not alone.

So what do we learn about Agassi? His insecurity lead him to several brushes with humiliation. Who wears a weave to play tennis-and secures it only with bobby pins and a hat? He also had some issues with excess and depression.

Crystal meth isn’t exactly something people use for recreation, especially when there are other, more socially acceptable drugs available. That he talked his way out of a suspension and wrote about it, is sure to ruffle many feathers with the higher ups on Tour, and sends a clear signal that he was indeed up to no good.

He wore lifts to his wedding to Brooke Shields? He started losing his hair at 17? Not exactly ground breaking stuff. More like the things we should never confess. I’m sure his invite list will be shorter this year, but as we as a society tend to do- people will forgive and forget but snicker ever so quietly whenever he enters a room.

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