2009’s Funniest Celebrity Candids

Us regular folk love looking at things like this! Why? Because it reminds us that even some of the most popular celebrities are human too.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? What do you think these are saying? Click the thumbnails to view in full size.

#1- We love Vern Troyer, but this photographer clearly wasn’t examining the background…or were they?

#2- Who is that Suri in the window? We don’t know if Suri Cruise is crying for help or just people watching.

#3- Jack Nicholson shows us why he’s the coolest person in Hollywood.

#4- Jay-Z and Beyonce watch basketball in utter disgust. But I’m more concerned with the boy sitting behind them! Why does he have a black eye and busted lip? lol

#5- Fergie gets caught adjusting her package? Hm. Strange.

#6- Our president reveals he’s a Star Wars geek (just like the rest of us).

#7- Pete Wentz shares a swig of Henny with Kanye. Gross!

#8- Kim Kardashian leaves her fans frightened.

#9- Megan Fox teaches a young boy a lesson in rejection at an early age.

#10- Lindsay Lohan is a joke and even she knows it.


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