Feliz Natal!

In Brazil, it’s now high summer. Many people have traveled to the beach with friends and family to celebrate the holiday season. There are lights everywhere in all of the cities, from Rio to my own city, São Paulo. The shops are packed with people looking for gifts and the traditional mall Santa Claus spends all day hearing kids wishes while their parents shop.
We Brazilians have a habit of leaving everything to the last minute. So during the days before Christmas, everyone rushes to the mall, which is extremely crowded, to get their gifts before it’s too late!
For some, Christmas has become just another day in Brazil. There are few people who still celebrate this day with religious force, however they’re mostly the older generation who keenly attend church, assemble the nativity crib and sing hymns. Unfortunately, many have forgotten the real meaning of Christmas, which is no longer celebrated only by Christians. Still, Christmas night is party time and everyone gathers to exchange gifts and eat.

There are giant Christmas trees in Ibirapuera Park, here in São Paulo, and Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon in Rio de Janeiro, that are a must-see. Tourists from everyewhere come to admire the light shows that accompany the trees, and Paulista Avenue (the main street of São Paulo) gets especially beautiful! All of the houses and businesses are decorated with the Christmas theme and the major Brazilian banks build real holiday displays, complete with artificial snow and even coral electronic dolls.

Onto New Year’s, Brazilians realize that the year is finished when Rede Globo (the largest television network in the country) starts to play the special songs of Roberto Carlos (our king of music), which has broadcast every year since 1974.

Ultimately, though there’s no snow,  our streets are busy with Christmas cheer!


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