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Is Change Always Good?

album-working-girl-original-soundtrack-albumI had a heart-to-heart conversation the other day with a friend and he said something I had heard many times however in this instance it took on a whole new meaning. I was bitchin’ about the job and the frustrations I have encountered at work and he said, ” no has cambiado el chip ya?” Well… yes! Mmm…sort of. Ok, no… I guess not, was my long drawn out in-denial reply. Admitting that I haven’t been able to fall into the Spanish way or working was almost like admitting that I wasn’t as flexible or laid back as I liked to think. Does this make me rigid and set in my ways? I really had to think about this and still I haven’t come to a satisfying answer.
In many ways my amigo is right. Why waste my time trying to enforce my logic and rational behind working in a timely, sensible and linear fashion when the overwhelming majority is against me. No one is going to slide over to my side even if they are in total agreement of what I am preaching because they too, maybe at one time, tried to go against the tide and lost. If you can’t beat ’em join ’em, right?

I can only assume that adhering to the status quo would put an end to my frustration and improve my overall wellbeing. Forehead bruises from the helpless thrashing of my head against the wall – gone! Feelings of alienation – fuera!

But throwing in the towel and relinquishing all that I have been taught and believe to be the most productive way of working is a hard pill to swallow. Giving in would be like powering off my cerebro and that frightens me. I don’t want to dumb myself down. I don’t want to succumb to their way of working which I have found to be brain bending backwards and slow. What would that mean for me when it time to be sharp, efficient, quick on my feet or when I return (I vow to do so) to anglosajono (anglosaxon) work environment? The answer is simple, I would be eaten alive or at the very least lag behind after having to reboot.

So, what is a fly girl to do? Change the chip and hope for the best or remain the same and risk becoming a rigid, stick-up-her-butt working girl? I am aiming for somewhere in between. If anyone has advice on this matter, I am all ears.

-Espana Fly

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