Jeep Hates Your Blowout

Because I am rarely home to watch TV anymore, Hulu.com has become my friend, my confidant and my go-to guy. However since someone has to get paid out of the deal, I have found myself sitting through this same ad by Jeep in support for the 2010 Wrangler. At first it was just an ad…now, it’s more like—a nemesis, with friends and multiple versions!

Other than a hot deep-house track by Vick Lavender, I wonder -what’s the sell? Obviously Jeep is going after women with money to burn and a car to buy…but clearly they underestimated the value that women, especially women with unruly hair, put on that time spent in the stylist chair. There will be no “lemme throw caution to the wind and climb in my Wrangler and totally ruin my blowout” in Parlour land! Good try Jeep, but if you are gonna want to get me on the open road, throw in a Hermes scarf and some hot shades. But on a good Saturday, I just may let my ‘fro blow in the wind.

Check it out! I dare you not to want to sing “she’s so hot” for the rest of the day.
ps. Mad Men’s Peggy would approve this message– where was she to help this commercial!?!

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