NewsBites: Avatar Hits the Jackpot, Alicia Lands Last GIANT Mag Cover, Climate Change in Copenhagen, and Lilith Fair.

I keep asking it; what recession? Avatar raked in over $232 million its first weekend in the box office. Reviews have been mixed, but the die hard James Cameron fans have come out of the woodworks. Parlour Fam, have you seen it? Check out the trailer here. [SlashFilm]

Alicia Keys closes out the last issue of GIANT Magazine with this December/January cover shoot. Like so many of today’s publications, GIANT is folding its print edition to focus on the digital world. [SOHH]

Hmm… looks like our politicians are getting things done. Yesterday it was health care, today’s it’s climate change. Emission targets are being set for countries around the world and a billion dollar deal has emerged in Copenhagen. But is it enough? Oxfam says no. [LAT]

The first set of artists for Lilith Fair, the country’s all-female festival were announced recently. Most of the large North American cities were part of the schedule. We’ll keep you posted on talent updates and tour dates. As of right now, Erykah, Jill, and Mary J are set to perform. Should be a great one. Head out and support the cause. [LF]

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