NewsBites: Blindfolded Accessories, Health Insurance = Crap Shoot, Giselle a Mom, Mrs. Obama, Notre Dame Switch, Tiger’s Losing Enough to End The Recession


Do you like to be blindfolded? Then you may also like Kelis’ choice of accesories. [FashionBomb]

COME ON HEALTH INSURANCE BILL WITH A PUBLIC OPTION! Be good to mama! *this is an example displaying how this public option ish is like a craps game!!! Why is the Senate playing with my emotions, Smokey!!!* [NYTblog]

Gisele Bunchen gave birth to a baby boy yesterday- the father is Tom Brady and yes, they’re a gorgeous couple. So we’re sure baby will be adorable too. Congrats! [D-Listed]

“Why Michelle Obama is More “Fascinating” Than Kate Gosselin” — is this headline a joke?  [US]

RIP Notre Dame’s former football coach, Charlie Weis — I knew it was a wrap for you when you lost Thanksgiving week. Brian Kelly from Cinncinati is the new guy. Good luck brother. [NYT]

What Tiger’s silence is really costing him. I gagged. [Guardian]

*all gathered while watching Mike Epps’ “Under Rated”– FUNNY!*

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