NewsBites: Brittany Murphy x Alaina Reed Hall-Tamini, Flo Rida’s not so Low, Health Care for the Holidays, Balenciaga vs. Steve Madden.

As most of us have probably already heard by now, actress Brittany Murphy passed away on Sunday morning of what’s been deemed natural causes. Details haven’t been released yet, but it’s looking like her husband may now be standing in the way of an autopsy. I really can’t do another celebrity death controversy. Not before the holidays. I still remember Daisy in Girl, Interrupted. Watch a montage of her work here. [WashPo] … What you may not have heard though is that we also lost Ms. Alaina Reed Hall-Tamini this week, also known as Rose, from 227. Condolences go out to both families. [OHN]

Even if I had been paid $1 million, I still would have needed more than five ten guesses to have chosen Flo Rida’s Low as the top-selling download of the decade. Coming in at 5.2 million hits, and in a time where technology has completely revolutionized music, Miami’s own takes home the title of top-selling digital purchase of all time. [PhNT]

Eureka! We have a health care bill! A happy holidays it is. [HuffPo]

Steve Madden‘s Legal Department will be working through the holidays: Balenciaga filed a lawsuit this past week against the company for the 2008 replication of Beyonce’s lego shoe. Knockoffs happen all the time, wonder what pushed Balenciaga over the edge this time? This isn’t the first time Steve Madden‘s been in legal trouble though; Alexander McQueen took the company to court earlier this year. The things we’ll do for fashion! [NYMag]

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