NewsBites: Burka Barbie, My Shoes or My Man?, Gay Rights in Uganda, Climate Talks Get Ugly, Tiger Spits the Beat.

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Barbie has released one of its most controversial dolls yet. “Burka Barbie,”
as it’s being called, has caused quite the stir among feminist groups. Is it an olive branch in the direction of cross-cultural understanding, or an inappropriate symbol of oppression? [LAT]

Ladies, do you remember your first pair of designer shoes? Yup, sure do! According to a recent survey, 92 percent of women can recall their first footwear purchase, while only two can pull up their first kiss. Shows where our priorities lie! [Telegraph]

News sources around the world have been talking about the anti-gay bill being tabled in Uganda. Homosexuality in Uganda has been illegal for over 100 years, but is now being proposed as punishable by death. Gaining a significant amount of popularity in the country, if passed, the proposition will allow Uganda to withdraw from all international treaties recognizing gay rights. [NPR]

Firing tear gas into the crowds, police arrested more than 260 protestors in what appeared to be a non-violent rally in Denmark during yesterday’s international climate change meeting.  Demonstrators argued that UN solutions to-date were failing, and vowed to protect those unable to protest, yet hardest hit by the effects of a changing global climate. [NYT]

The New Diddy? Ladies, here it is: Tiger Woods’ apology mixtape! The Throwback Version. Turn up your speakers, it’ll make you smile. [VIBE]

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