NewsBites: Diddy’s Anomaly, A Soldier of Love, More Fashion Philanthropy, Blacks and the Economy, What’s Going on in Nigeria?

Apparently Mr. Puff broke a few records on the Home Shopping Network last week. Diddy walked away from HSN that afternoon with nearly half a million, proving to us naysayers why Sean John remains one of the few urban brands to survive a recession. Now I get the tom foolery to work for him. I’d want in on that too. [RapRadar].

Sade’s new album is set to drop early 2010, but the first single was made available for preview this morning. Check it out above or at []. This is the first new release since the multi-platinum banger Lover’s Rock in 2000.

An ongoing trend recently on Parlour has been African Americans, the downturning economy, and the latter’s effect on the former. In related news, CNN Money published a special report this past weekend on the rising black unemployment rate. What does that mean, bigger picture? 50% of the country’s foreclosures are on Black homes. We really need to take a serious look at race relations, job opportunities, and social access in this country. [CNN].

An influx of corpses? Something’s going awry in Nigeria, as university hospitals have seen an overwhelming number of bodies enter their doors. The corpses are being delivered by state police in droves; raising human rights questions once again for the Police Commissioner and his department. [BBC].

Who isn’t interested in vintage fashion these days? If you have a few extra pounds to spend, the Audrey Hepburn’s Children’s Fund has partnered with UNICEF to auction off pieces from the actress’ iconic wardrobe. Last time around, the famous LBD from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” sold for a whopping £470,000. It may be time for us to all take a peruse through Granny Grove’s closet. Who knows what college tuitions are hiding in there. [CNN].

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