NewsBites: J. Hud a no-go in South Africa?, Abortion Rights x Senate, Time’s Top 10, Voguing in Kenya, Manipulating Genetics.

South Africa’s Creative Workers’ Union (CWU) is threatening a potential moratorium on J. Hud’s upcoming portrayal of Winnie Mandela in a biopic. The CWU is calling for a recast of the role, demanding South African talent be used instead. As much as I love Jen, for some reason, I tend to agree. Parlour Fam, where do you stand on the issue? Is Hollywood’s powerful reach stifling artistic expression and opportunity around the world? [Guardian].

In a long-awaited move toward women’s rights, Capitol Hill voted down revisions on Tuesday that would incorporate more stringent restrictions on abortion insurance in the health care bill. Past-due, but thank you Senate. [NYT].

Time Magazine just released its Top Ten Everything 2009 piece. From buzzwords to scandals, tweets, underreported stories, and futuristic gadgets – did your category make the list? [Time].

In an attempt to breathe life and vibrancy into Kenya’s fashion industry, emerging local designers have taken to their worktables with new textiles, palettes, and adornments out of fear of being titled the “African fashion faux pas.” [BBC].  Love the traditional colors paired against risky new shapes and lines. Check out what we’re doing on this side of the Atlantic. “Afrocentric Fashion.” What does it even mean?

Ummm…. so I give you fairy dust. Would you choose your child’s gender? New manipulations to genetic technology can make it happen. Watch folks around the world sound off. [CNN].

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