NewsBites: Same-Sex Marriage Protest, Converse Supports Africa, Unemployment Band-Aid?, Guinea’s President Shot, Free Mammograms!

gay protest

Prop 8 protesters gathered in Union Square Thursday night to express their frustration with yesterday’s NY State Senate decision against same-sex marriage. Meanwhile, smaller anti-war riots erupted in pockets throughout the city. Clearly social and political discontent is on the rise. [NYU]

In fashion-philanthropy news, the Converse (RED) Collection debuted this week in New York, San Francisco, and London at select stores. A portion of net sales is being administered by The Global Fund to support programs combating HIV/AIDS in Africa. Check out the collection at [CONS]

As unemployment rates rise steadily around the country, our President enlists the help of the private sector in turning things around for the holiday season. The budget deficit now surpasses the trilion-dollar mark. Can a government-led national job summit be the Band-Aid we’ve been looking for? Watch highlights of the speech on [CNN]

Pardon me, Guinea’s President was shot yesterday by one of his military aides? [BBC]

Tiger’s wife might need to read these 7 Tips for Athlete’s Wives… [HuffPo]

Free mammograms! [NYT]

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