NewsBites: Tiger Mania, Obama a War President?, Seattle’s Violence, Resume Reality, SA Prez Zuma Effects HIV Treatment on World’s AIDS Day

And the details start pouring in: Tiger Woods – our newest sexting (victim)? [CBS]

President Obama announced yesterday 30,000 more troops are headed for Afghanistan. Some have called it a step toward an exit plan. I’m curious; where are we at with the battle for Afghan hearts and minds? [CNN]

Justice in our own hands: The Seattle man accused of killing four police officers was gunned down at 3am yesterday morning. If our authorities don’t believe in it, how much faith do you have left in our justice system? [NYT]

What does your resume look like? Facing a recession and rampant job loss, would you be willing to tweak yours to sound less “colorful”? Johnny Williams says we might need to: [NYT]

I can’t even be mad. Diddy’s getting it IN on the Home Shopping Network! [LF]

South African President Jacob Zuma announced Tuesday the country will adopt a new HIV treatment policy for infected children. The United States has committed $120 million to the venture. At least we’re doing something right. Happy World AIDS Day! [MSNBC]

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