NewsBites: TIP Beats the Bing, “Sex, Lies, and Photoshop,” Race Relations in China, Sad Sally in New York, Shane Sparks x Child Molestation?

The King is back! Reports confirmed Tuesday afternoon the rapper was released from prison and into a halfway house after just seven months behind bars. Good behavior pays off, T.I.P! How much you wanna bet we get a song about it? [MTV]

Warning: The following item may contain potentially harmful material. Knowledge is advised. There’s a bill in the works in France that would require advertisers to specifically identify and label photographs that have been digitally retouched. Can we begin asking accountability of the fashion industry? Does it have any obligation to be responsible? Remember a few weeks back when the Demi Moore W Magazine cover created quite the buzz? I, for one, am ready to ask magazine publishers to function with a social conscience. [NYT]

What does it mean to be Chinese? Lou Jing, a talent show contestant born to a Chinese mother and African American father, is at the center of recent questions surrounding identity politics in China. Can a little more melanin make you any less national? [CNN]

Looks like those of us in the Northeast may just be some of the saddest people in the country. According to a recent report, New Yorkers came in dead last on the happiness radar, with Connecticut and New Jersey rounding out the bottom three. Surprisingly, Louisiana came in at #1. (And yes, I triple checked.) Clearly there’s a bigger picture than Wall Street and Conde Nast that we should be looking to. [NYT]

Ummm….. did anyone know that Shane Sparks, the So You Think You Can Dance choreographer and America’s Best Dance Crew judge was arrested on eight counts of child molestation? Pardon me? I’m crossing my fingers this isn’t true. [Seattle]

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