NewsBites: Vogue Calls it “Big Changes”, Versace circa 2010, New York Failing its Youth?, The Golden Globes Get it Right!

Looks like Vogue might temporarily be getting an all-around much-needed makeover – for the time being, at least. Last week, Steely D reported that French Vogue faced losing advertiser dollars if more black models weren’t incorporated in its pages. This week, its American counterpart is “dedicating” its January issue to plus-sized models. Wonder if the trend will gain some steam. Cheers to political correctness. [NYMag]

Versace‘s pre-fall 2010 collection is out! Here it is for your viewing pleasure. And OMG… the shoes, the shoes! [STYLE]

A report by the Department of Justice has found that New York’s youth prison system is in crisis, and is ultimately producing kids that re-enter society more damaged, dangerous, and likely to reoffend than when they left. Oh, and FYI – 80 percent of those kids are either Black or Latino. We’re stagnating their rehabilitation, and who’s accountable? [NYT]

The Golden Globe nominations were released today and we were right; Black-inspired film is cleaning up. But are these early spotlights a precursor of what’s to come in the way of an Oscar? [HFPA]

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