Parlour Crush: John Cho

john cho 2

Can you keep a secret? I had a Korean boyfriend in college…in my head, unfortunately.

His name was Sejong (so appropriate) and he was HOT. I was too shy to approach him since he was a big shot on my campus’ primarily Asian fraternity, Lamba Phi Epsilon. Sejong went to our college gym to work out at the same times I did ( perfect for me to oogle him…) and the groupies who dressed up — complete with make-up — to “work out” positively swarmed him! Meanwhile, I was there in a practical pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Clearly, I wasn’t playing to win.

ANYWAY, Sejong has opened the door and now I’m crushing on John Cho aka Harold of Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle aka Hikaru Sulu from this summer’s Star Trek and finally — and most importantly — Demetri Noh on ABC’s sci-fi drama “Flash Forward.” As Demetri, Cho struggles to crack the show’s time-travel mystery while maintaining a relationship with his fiancé, Gabrielle Union. Black girlfriend? I’m a fan. Johnny is a cutie and I think it’s high time I replace Sejong anyway.

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