Playing Catch Up: Lupe, Snoop, Wayne’s Kiddie Map + Strikes on “The Blind Side”

Here’s the link to Lupe’s new mixtape Enemy Of The State: A Love Story, and I’m using this pic because it’s one of my faves of Wasalu Jaco. The Love Story tracklisting is after the jump – Props to Lowkey & MissInfo =) – though it’ll download as one mp3.

So is Snoop’s “I Wanna Rock” video which samples your favorite Rob Base break…but what’s wrong with Snoop’s hand? That confuses me…

+ Wayne’s version of “All My Children”

+ Let’s talk quickly about the flick The Blind Side – did anyone else see this white republican Christian woman (who NEVER goes to church the entire film) – Mrs. Tuohy – saves big black boy film? I did and…

I’m torn. I’m naturally against ANY white-person-saves-black-person story as a realistic black woman (Strike 1) because I just can’t stand to see those stereotypes played out in films that I’m supposed to pay for as entertainment. No thanks. However this tale of Baltimore Raven Michael Oher is a true story, which I actually watched in documentary form on ESPN earlier this year. I almost cried then – Oher’s hardship and deliverance by his adoptive family was just beautiful. So then what’s my beef with the film version of the same story, right?

When Oher moves in with the white family, he never has any black friends, or white friends his own age in the film? The only sidekick he seems to find is the 8 year old son of his adoptive family. Really? Strike 2.

No connection to the black community in Oher’s hometown of Memphis, Tennessee (which I’m sure has a high black population) at all except when terrible things are happening? Strike 3.

Oher calls Sandra Bullock “mama” during a trying moment in the film. While I understand that Oher felt like his adoptive family – the Tuley’s – were his family, a black boy calling Bullock “mama” brought up all kinds of slave stereotypes in my head…but then I had to question whether or not the stereotypes are so entrenched that I’m perpetuating them by being upset by them…did I just confuse myself? Strike 4.

Someone mentioned to me – in the retail store GAP, short story, don’t ask – that The Blind Side seemed like Republican propaganda and that they felt a little ashamed for liking it. Interestingly, after swearing the film off for the aforementioned Strike 1, I decided to give it a chance to see how the film makers twisted charity into a skewed version  of – as my fellow GAP shopper described – “Republican propaganda, we save black men, because this is what we do as good Christian white folks, we save those that are lost and less fortunate.”

Ultimately, The Blind Side is a great story – but I can see why the stereotype fosters many people’s enjoyment of the movie. And that’s what bugs me.

ps. SJ is THE STAR of this film. Get that kid an Oscar, or an ice cream.

Did you see the film? What did you think?

oh, yeah, Lupe’s tracklisting and Snoop’s video below… =)

1. Intro
2. The National Anthem
3. Turnt Up
4. Yoga Flame
5. Lazers
6. Angels (Remix)
7. So Ghetto
8. Say Somethin’
9. Thank You
10. The One
11. Popular Demand
12. HP Skit

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