Best of ’09: SEX DRIVE! Sex Sells Duh!!!

the_girlfriend_experience_movie_poster1There has been lots of talk surrounding Stephen Soderburgh’s new film The Girlfriend Experience which premiered on Tuesday at the Tribeca Film Festival.  It stars real life porn princess Sasha Grey, who plays an escort who charges $2,000 an hour to hang out with a guy and pretend she’s his girlfriend all night.
I think casting a popular porn star in a feature film is a brilliant idea!  At 21, Grey is a porn superstar with 150 adult films on her bedpost.  She’s been iconicized American Apparel style (pic after the jump – NSFW). Her fans love her because she pushes the envelope with her sex acts and is “striving to make porn more artistic.”
The film comes to NYC and LA on May 22, I’m sure her followers will be dying to see what she’s like on the silver screen.  Hell, I am!



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