Sicka x PLR: The Wiz of Nail Polish!

Just in time for the holidays, when we all yearn for sparkly things (from glitter-covered tree ornaments to sequined party dresses and fresh snow crystals creeping along the corners of window panes), China Glaze is re-releasing its Wizard Of Ooh-Ahz collection, which consists of six shimmering nail enamel shades. Though the polishes aren’t exact replicas of those in the original 2001 collection, they are extremely similar — and all can be linked to a character, backdrop, wardrobe piece, or moment in the classic 1939 Wizard of Oz film.

No Wizard of Oz-inspired collection would be complete without a polish celebrating the ruby shade of Dorothy’s famous heelss— so, of course, the cornerstone of this range is the glossy, glitter-packed Ruby Pumps. Dorothy’s right-wing men, the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man, are both immortalized with the hues Cowardly Lion’, a shy yellow gold, and The Ten Man, a light silver shade. The Cowardly Lyin’ is actually pretty sheer; it took me four coats to get a golden hue going (and, even then, it was more of a white gold tone) but it’s still a pretty and versatile shade. The Ten Man is also more of a white-ish silver shade and has a joyful luminosity to it, as opposed to some of the more severe, somber shades of gray, silver and gunmetal we’ve been seeing throughout the autumn months. Glinda, the Good With of the North, meanwhile, gets acknowledged with the dainty pink hue, Good Witch?

Aside from Ruby Pumps, the standouts in this collection are C-C-Courage, an amethyst purple with tons of silver speckles, and Dorothy Who, a funky blue that reminds me of a Ziggy Stardust costume (and which I’d describe as a pumped-up version of the blue shade in Dorothy’s checkered jumper).

If you want to see the wizard (by which I mean take a closer look at what the polishes look like on nails), check out the pics below.

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Ruby Pumps




Good Witch?


The Ten Man:


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