The Female Force Behind ‘Fela’

“The relationship is more intricate than just a bunch of passive women who let a man do whatever he wanted,” Aimee Graham Wodobode, a dancer who plays a wife named Sewaa, said during a recent interview with five of the wives, called queens, at a Midtown restaurant. “They believed in his mission and were ready to die for him.”

How proud are we that Fela! The Musical has made it’s way to Broadway (thanks Jay & Will & Jada!) -too bad that new theater it’s now playing in doesn’t allow wine in the seating area like they were when we first saw it before it hit the great white way, Steely and I were practically dancing in our aisle.  The NYTimes takes a good look at the the nine women who keep the production rocking—the queens aka Fela’s wives & dancers.

Finding Depth in Fela’s Women – [NYTimes]

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