Up In Smoke

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I can’t stand it anymore. I’m fed up with smokers lighting ciggies and puffing fumes in my face or smoking in the presence of children in restaurants. Take that mess outside and don’t invade my space, my lungs, my meal with your poison. Furthermore, let the kiddies breath freely. The air is contaminated enough without human chimneys blowing more toxins up their nostrils.

Smoking indoors is annoying and a health hazard that can be avoided. Finally the Spanish government has taken strides to toughen the light ban placed on smoking three years ago. Last week, the Minister of Health reiterated the consensus to extend the ban to all enclosed public spaces beginning in 2010. That means, NO SMOKING in: bars, restaurantes and places like bar terraces or in football stadiums. Currently, the law allows smoking in establishments under 100m squared. However if said restaurante is larger than 100m squared, the establishment can have smoking and non-smoking sections, which are to be sealed off from each other with a ventilation system to clean the air.

The ban is definitely going to be more strict but I have a hard time imagining enforcement of the law in, lets say, a hotel bar/lounge on a terrace or even more so, in a soccer stadium or a bullfighting ring. All I know is I will be happy to see the macho, who insists on smoking a puro (cigar) at 9:30 in the morning in the cafe where I have my morning tea, will be swirling his stinky humo (smoke) outside. This also means the party stench that I cleansed from clothes and hair before crawling into bed after a night of fiesta will be a chore of the past.

Puff, puff, pasa el humo fuera!

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