At Least 61* Was Clean

I’m not sure how many of you watched the first set of congressional hearings on steroids in 2005, but when Mark McGwire came in with his lawyer, he made it clear that he didn’t want to “discuss his past” and called Jose Canseco a liar.
My how things have changed.
Just yesterday, five weeks out from Spring Training and the media onslaught it will bring, he released a written statement admitting to steroid use during his career (including his record breaking 70 home run season in 1998) and claimed that it had no effect on his performance- as he used them to “heal injuries.”
This would probably all be much more interesting if he was still relevant to the game of baseball, or if the known user list didn’t read like a who’s who of baseball’s All Stars over the past 20 years. Instead, it’s just another cog in Bud Selig’s money making, “come back from the strike” machine.

People are saying he’s doing this in relation to the Hall of Fame and his chances of getting in or not getting in. He and the rest of his contemporaries probably shouldn’t even be on the ballot because of their use of steroids, but like everything else that’s wrong with baseball, his records will be allowed to stand, his bat and home run ball will remain in the building, and eventually, he’ll end up in there too.

In a perfect world, the home run record would go back to it’s original owner, who only got an asterisk because he played in more games than the previous owner.

Yeah right. This is baseball we’re talking about. Let the malarkey continue.

Mark admits malarkey…on TV

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