Big Love: “Free At Last”

Not sure if I’m the only one watching “Big Love” but the fourth season premiered last night on HBO, and I would love to chat with you ladies about it. It’s so dramatic, with a million moving parts. I love when a character’s look can foreshadow something that happens two episodes later. Here’s the recap:

-Alby’s still in the closet, going to cruising spots and hooking up with random men (including a councilman, who Albee meets later, under different circumstances and runs from in public). His wife knows something is up, and she’s not having it.

-Roman, the Prophet and Nicki’s father, is dead. Nicki’s mom, Adaleen, found him and hid the body in the freezer for the last few weeks and sent Nicki into said freezer under the pretense of finding bacon, but…she found Roman’s corpse instead. Then, instead of calling the police, like a normal person, and saying ‘Roman’s dead,’ Nicki tells Alby who promptly drops Roman’s body off on Bill’s property to set him up.

-With all this as a backdrop it’s not surprising that Bill’s not sleeping with Nicki these days…

-Margene is trying to have her own life with her jewelry business, seems to be going well…at the expense of Barb…

-Barb is in charge of the All Mormon casino the family is opening/opened in conjunction with the “Blackfoot people” and she’s awkward and a mess. Bill keeps having Juniper Creek-related “isssues” that come up at the worst times in their negotiations with the Blackfoots and the tribe is at their wits end with Bill.

-Bill’s parents are trying to kill each other again…of course. His brother, Joey, who really did kill Roman is MIA so no one knows he’s the culprit…

-Daughter Sarah is looking for places to marry her bf, Seth.

-And speaking of daughters, Cara Lynn, the one Nicki had with her first husband JJ (the actor who usually plays a gargoyle or really ruthless vampire…) who is 12 years old, is now staying with Bill and the fam. Bill negotiated that she stays with Nicki during the week and JJ on the weekends to “keep the peace.”

This is a recipe for disaster, as is most of the show since despite moving Roman’s body back to Nicki’s moms freezer, Bill’s hat was found somewhere where he looks like he killed Roman. Damn you Albee, damn you.

My thoughts:

-Alby’s going to get caught up with the cruising, my guess is this isn’t a good time for all that.

-Bill’s going to get into trouble with the hat biz, but it’s nothing he can’t wriggle out of.

-Nicki’s going to hook up/exacerbate the tenuous situation with the FBI agent she made out with/dated last season. Of course this is going to happen while Bill’s under investigation…

-Bill’s brother’s going to admit to Bill, at least, that he killed Roman, then the madness really will ensue.

What do you think!


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