“Big Love” RECAP: Strange Bedfellows

Oh Man! Margene, Margene, Margene…you are in so much trouble. Maybe more trouble than Nicki will be for picking a fight with her ex-husband JJ and his cancer-ridden sidekick/wife. Anyway, you know what it is, it’s the RECAP! And if you didn’t catch the run down for episodes one and two, click the links. Here we go…

-Nicki, Bill and Nicki’s daughter, Cara Lynn, go to Washington, D.C. so Bill can impress the retiring Utah senator and succeed him. The couple also want to use the weekend to “reconnect.”

Bill to Nicki: “You’re trying to avoid doing the hardwork…” (read: have sex w/ me)

-Margene’s tapped for as a host on the shopping channel for live TV. She’s asked to bring friends and family to support her, no one comes but Ben, Bill and Barb’s son…aka the teenager that’s been trying to sleep with her for the last season.

-Alby’s still boinking the Council Man…now they’ve graduated to boinking on the compound. BOLD. Alby takes a photo of the two of them in bed while Council Man is sleeping topless beside him. Of course he does.

Alby: “I’m not a gay…homosexuality is a sin. We were just fooling around, I like fooling around…I have urges too. I can still taste you on my lips.”
-JJ’s harrasing Wanda, Joey’s wife, convincing her that the police are still looking for Roman’s killer and they’re going to dig up the body for evidence.

JJ to Wanda: “The county’s eager to prepare a full investigation.”

-Sissy Spacek weighs in as an evil Washington, D.C. political svengali that’s hosting the benefit that Bill’s trying to crash. She hates him.

-Barb leading “sensitivity training” at the Casino = fail

Barb: “When she implied that you were a welfare cheat.”

Casino worker: “Fuck you”

Barb: “Deloris, is that what you really wanted to say?”

Casino worker: “No fuck you, white bitch, you’re religion’s a cult and you’re a bunch of hypocrites anyway.”

– and then Barb hits someone with her car, Sarah gives her a casino job. Turns out the victim is really a meth drug mule.

-Margene and Jodeen hanging out? Weird.
—Jodeen: “we must be grateful for whatever support we can find in one another.”

-JJ pulls a “home invasion” looking for Cara Lynn, Ben ends up pushing JJ out of the house
JJ to Ben: “That was a mistake”

-Joey’s digging up Roman’s body…JJ’s wife is watching.

-Turns out Cara Lynn lied to Nicki, said she asked his permission to come to D.C. but really didn’t. She’s more and more like her mother isn’t she?

-Bill crashes the party with a new friend, Nicki leaves Cara Lynn downstairs alone and manages to convince Sissy (aka Maralyn) that Bill’s a “big fish.” Nicki ends up getting arrested for carrying a concealed weapon for “safety.”

-Margene kisses Ben…and her boss assumes that he’s her husband, calls Ben Mr. Margene Heffman on live TV. ACK!

weirdest line of the show: Council Man to Alby: “I can’t imagine what its like for you, you’re the son of Roman Grant…but same sex attraction doesn’t exist in the celestial life…only for now.”


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