Big Love Recap: “The Greater Good”

The second episode of “Big Love” aired Sunday, and I only watched it last night. Thank God for DVR.  If you missed the season debut, here’s that recap. Now for **SPOILER ALERT** this week’s recap!:

– The Compound is finally burying Roman, aka The Prophet.

Adaleen to Alby: Are you still going to kill me?

-While both his brother, Joey, and wife Nicki think Bill should be Prophet of Juniper Creek, he’s off having political dreams of grandeur. He wants to run for Utah State Senate, to make a statement in defense of polygamy and his religious beliefs.

Bill to family at dinner when they tell him he’s nuts: I’m struggling with this!

– Meanwhile, Nicki’s still in love with the FBI guy, and stalks him at his house only to have the door shut in her face.

– Sarah and Seth are getting married…but they don’t know where, just that it won’t be in Bill’s church. Sarah’s not a fan of the Mormon seal. Sarah and her best friend Heather make-up in the drive-thru line of Heather’s job.

Sarah to Heather: I’m unemployed so I can sit here all day until you change your mind.

-Joey comes home after being on the run for smothering and killing The Prophet, Roman. His wife, Wanda, thinks they’re going to be killed, thought no one else has figured out Joey’s guilt. Except, her brother JJ, aka Nicki’s ex-husband, has figured out that Joey killed Roman and tells her as much.

-Nicki doens’t want to attend Roman’s funeral, but ultimately does for fear her mother will really disown her this time.

Nicki to her mother, Adaleen: I was just daughter number eight, just a commodity to be traded.

Evie, Nicki’s sister, to Nicki: We all were. This is how he was raised, that’s how he was raised.

-Alby follows councilman/jumpoff to his Christian gay male support group, alignment, where the men pray and counsel away their “feelings for other men.” Alby makes out with councilman outside of the meeting, on the street. Councilman runs to his car and asks Alby to leave him alone.

– Sarah gets caught by Barb on her way to the Justice of the Peace, ends up telling Bill she doesn’t want to hide her feelings. She’s not doing the Mormon thing, but she is getting married. Bill takes her action as encouragement to run for State Senate and eventually come clean publicly about his polygamist lifestyle. Margene is pissed, being a known polygamist is going to hurt her jewelry biz where she’s pulling down almost $1o,000 per month…which she’ll share with the family, once the talk to a few lawyers.

Don, guy who works w/ Bill, to Bill: You know a testimony is true by the peace you feel in your soul. You feeling that peace?

Bill: No.

My Thoughts:

– Three wives, nine children, a store and a casino – that’s off to a rocky start – aren’t enough for Bill? He wants State Senate too? His ego is showing and this could be the thing that sends everything tumbling down.

– Nicki needs to get herself together on a) the FBI romance, they’re going to hook up again and it’s going to end badly b) JJ and her daughter, because JJ can not be trusted AT ALL and frankly, neither can the daughter.

– Who knew Barb was so awkward in public with people that aren’t Mormon or Anglo? Smh…

– This Alby and Councilman affair is a mess! Kissing the man three times in public on the street! Alby, what’s going on? This is going to cause so many problems for the decisions Councilman has to make surrounding Juniper Creek…and people will notice.

– I get that Bill’s grandfather was the Prophet, but does that mean Bill should be the Prophet too? Isn’t Nicki wanting him to be the Prophet kinda like dating Memphis Bleek and wanting him to ascend to Jay-Z like heights one day…

-How long will it take for Bill to realize that Joey killed Roman, do you think?

-I love that Adaleen asked Alby if he was still going to kill her. She’s hilarious.

What’d you think?

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