Corinne Bailey Rae Does It Again

Blame it on our mood and winter’s slower pace, but we are fans of Corinne Bailey Rae’s new LP “The Sea.” And not just because it’s the title of another of our favorite songs. The Brit songstress is kind of adorable, and we were struck by the sincerity of her first single, “I’d Do It All Again.” In fact, it made Steels tear up a bit. Why? Two years ago, Bailey Rae’s husband died of a drug overdose and, as she told the media:

“I’m not familiar with that kind of shock that lasts all that amount of time. It just sort of takes ages to sink it. You feel it and then you don’t feel it; you know what’s happened and then you don’t really know what happened.”

She mourned and healed through recording “The Sea” which made the collection starkly different from her first self-titled LP, outfitted with happy tracks like “Put Your Records On.” Today, “The Sea” hits shelves with a more somber, weathered groove that works not only for the weather, but also our mood.

Check out the clip for “I’d Do It All Again” here.

ps. She even plucks a bit of Jamiroquai’s “Everyday” to create her own “Closer”…heart.


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