New!: Wayne’s “On Fire”, Mariah’s Drunk, Katy Perry’s Engaged, GaGa + more

Mariah drunkenly accepted an award for…she probably doesn’t know either. Peep her slur after the jump, plus Wayne’s new clip for that rock album that was leaked drops this year and his ex’s, Trina, new “Attitude.”

+ Lady GaGa = new album at the end of 2010?

+ Mariah’s “Angels Cry” remix ft Ne-Yo

+ Katy Perry’s engaged to Russell Brand?

ps. RIP Willie Mitchell, the guy behind Al Green’s “Love & Happiness” and many other hits. Sorry I’m late in acknowledging this producer’s greatness and passing. Let’s play some Al to pay homage. Half of us probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Mitchell’s creativity.

props to OS, TGJ.

here’s Mariah acting up…

Wayne’s “On Fire”…

Trina’s “That’s My Attitude”


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