NewsBites: A “Burka Ban” in France, The Science Behind January 12th, H&M’s PR Rep Works Overtime, and What Does the Apple Tablet Mean for Other Media Forums?

Another human rights war wages on: this time in France. French lawmakers are in the midst of passing what’s being called a “burka ban.” According to reports, the burka has become a “growing phenomenon” among French Muslims, and is laden with an err of “fundamentalism.” In an effort to quell this sentiment, the religious garb will be illegal in public venues. I’m shocked that in 2010, an oppressive movement like this is gaining so much steam. [CNN]

Ever wonder the science behind the earthquake? With all the talk about geology and fault lines, I set out to find out more… apparently the entire Caribbean (not to mention Queens, NY and the Lower East Side) are full-on hotspots. [NYT]

H&M‘s in more hot water. Looks like “organic cotton” really means “genetically modified,” which really means “PR blunder.” [Ecouterre]

Could the new Apple Tablet pave the way for a resurgence in print media? Or will Apple‘s domination in the technology industry force media providers to make undue sacrifices? [NYT]

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