NewsBites: American Apparel at it Again, Osama on Global Warming, The Jackson Kids at the Grammys, and Diana Ross Invades Foot Locker.

If we’re talking about success as profits and numbers, sure, American Apparel has been widely successful. But at what point does social responsibility come into play? In a new campaign, the company is asking you to send in a picture of your backside. They’ll put it online, gather some votes, and you just may win. Oh, the winner is only promised a grab-bag, not a spot in the new ads. And FYI, your picture – no matter how soft-core it may be – becomes their property. [AA]

In another video released on Al-Jazeera Television, Osama Bin Laden sits perched and condemns the U.S. for failing to act in reducing climate change… the least of his worries? [WashPo]

Another tearful moment on the horizon? Michael Jackson’s kids will be accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award for the late King at the Grammys this weekend. Get the Kleenex! [CNN]

Diana Ross… to make sneakers? Wait, for Steve Madden? And… selling at Foot Locker?? Ha! These celeb-fashion collabos are getting out of hand. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. [StyleList]

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