NewsBites: China and Google go Head to Head, More Devastation in Haiti, Mel Gibson in Another Controversy, Conan O’Brien Lays Out Ultimatum, and New J = Mary J.

Google, the new O.G. in town. The company is now threatening to end cooperation with Chinese officials, amid hacker attacks on its database. If Google follows through, either Chinese residents will see an end to Google access period, or (fortunately or unfortunately) a lift on internet censorship that had been in place until now. [NYT]

Late Tuesday afternoon, a devastating earthquake rocked Haiti’s shores. With a magnitude of 7.0 (the worst in 200 years), the U.N. Headquarters collapsed, along with the National Palace, countless village dwellings, and parts of the Port-au-Prince airport. And to make matters worse, the damage to the airport may prevent relief aid aircraft from making deliveries. [NYT]

Nearing 300 inmates in a Mexican jail are being relocated to facilitate filming of an upcoming Mel Gibson production in the venue. Obviously, families, prisoners, and rights groups are up in arms. Anything for those American dollars. [CBC]

Feeling like the unwanted stepchild, Conan O’Brien quits late night! [ABC]

Early Tuesday morning, the New Jersey Legislature passed a bill legalizing the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. What exactly does it mean in practice? See the FAQs here. [NJ]

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