NewsBites: High Expectations for Tonight’s State of the Union, Anna Takes Vogue to the Legislature, Millionaire Matchmaker: The China Edition, and Photojournalism Worth Recognizing.

In tonight’s State of the Union address, President Obama is expected to speak to some of the many concerns on why the change much of his platform was based on, has not yet become a reality. It’ll be an interesting opportunity for him to present the way forward. [NYT]

Anna (yes, Wintour) is at it again. This time, the EIC is in France convincing politicians that the mandated 35-hour work week just isn’t enough for young designers prepping their new lines. Gotta love how much influence she has. [TheCut]

China joins the ranks of Millionaire Matchmaker. The qualifications for the bachelors: at least 2-million in family wealth, an aristocratic background, and, well the obvious… beautiful. The women show up in wedding gowns, and sing, dance, and cook for the potential suitors. Apparently with the rapid urbanization, the Chinese online dating industry is worth upwards $50 million. [CNN]

An incredible photojournal piece through the eyes of a Haitian artist. Moved me to tears. [NYLens]

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