NewsBites: In Massachusetts the Votes Are In, Aftershocks in Haiti (One For Yele too), Faux Sales, and Skin-Lightening Creams on the Rise

It felt like it was coming… Republican Scott Brown has won the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in Massachusetts. The GOP now holds 41 seats, enough to thwart much-needed health care legislation. Let the finger-pointing begin. [LATimes]

A 6.1 magnitude aftershock hit 36 miles outside of Port-au-Prince just after 6am this morning. Aid rushes in as people flee into the streets. The Haitian people need all the help they can get. Make sure to tune into this Friday’s Hope for Haiti telethon. [CNN]

In related news, Wyclef and his organization have been under widespread attack recently with questions arising regarding their business practices. See the Yele Haiti press conference here. [RB]

Mark it up to mark it down? Looks like our favorite members-only shopping sites may be jacking up the price only to “simulate a sale.” [WSJ]

The New York Times just published an interesting piece on the medical effects of skin-lightening creams. Apparently sales in “ethnic beauty supply stores” are “strong,” and dermatologists are concerned with the cancerous risks related to steroid ingredients… there’s so much more at stake here. [NYT]

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