NewsBites: Is Weezy the New Elvis?, Versace: Buy a Dress & Get an Internship, Counting Calories Incorrectly, More Fashion News, and College Football.

Happy Birthday Elvis! Is Weezy following in your footsteps? Sex, drugs, and Rock and Roll! [LATimes]

How much would you pay to intern with Versace? Donnatella’s fashion house is listing its spring internship for auction, and the latest bid is now at $3,500. It’s a little reminiscent of that kid in middle school that you’d give all your lunch money to (knowing you’d have nothing for the rest of the week), just to sit with you. [CharityBuzz]

So…… what you’re telling me is that when the Stair Climber at Crunch reads ‘Calories Burned: 350’, it could really just mean 245??? Apparently we may think we’re burning up to 30% more than we actually are. [LATimes]

Parlour Fam, how do you feel about the celebrity/fashion collabos? Lindsay Lohan recently debuted hers (see controversy already brewing here), and now Kings of Leon is set to drop theirs in a few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for everyone reaching their full potential, but remember the days of designers by profession only? Blast from the past: Cynthia Rowley Sample Sale starts today at 10am. [NYMag]

And that’s a wrap for College Football: Alabama took home the BCS title last night, beating out Texas 37-21. [USAToday]

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