NewsBites: Jigga Man’s On To The Next, Tyra or Wendy?, More Avatar, Airport Security, and What’s Going On in the Wiz Locker Room?

First video of the decade: none other than your man Hov. The much anticipated video for “On To The Next One” was released immediately following the ball-drop new year’s morning. Watch it here.

After five seasons, Spring 2010 will be the last taping of The Tyra Show. The Daytime Diva announced last week she will be stepping down from her daily talk show to pursue new projects aimed at bringing women’s interests to the big screen. Some have cited poor ratings in the wake of the Wendy Williams era, but Ms. Banks has said it’s time for a new direction. Parlour Fam, are you Team Tyra or WW? [People]

1 Billion Dollars?! Avatar has just been added to the list as one of only five movies to have ever grossed $1 billion worldwide, sharing this title with Titanic, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Dark Knight. I thought I could avoid it, but it may be time to go check it out. [CNN]

For those of you who traveled in and out of the U.S. in the last week, you’re sure to have run into heightened security measures at the airport. I flew into New York from Toronto two days after the foiled Detroit attack and was nearly strip searched twice. I’m all for pre-emptive safety, but there’s a fine line we may be approaching between individual rights and international security. [Politico]

Gilbert Arenas: “Crittenton, I challenge you to a duel!” [Vibe]

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