NewsBites: More on Aviation Security, Johnson x Johnson, Google’s Superphone, Gentrification in Harlem, and Eat, Pray, Love x 2.

OK, so earlier this week I mentioned my recent experience flying into the U.S. Looks like things are about to get even shakier. While full-body scans will more than likely become a reality in the near future, security groups are pushing the U.S. government to follow in the footsteps of Israel and adopt alternate security measures. Specifically, this would mean that in addition to metal detectors, bag searches, and the pat-down, all travelers into the United States would also face an interview-style questioning by intelligence officers to determine their intentions upon entering the country. Does this make you feel any safer? Hear a few writers sound off. [NYT]

Daughter Casey, heiress to the Johnson & Johnson billion-dollar empire died yesterday of natural(?) causes. Eunice Johnson, Ebony Magazine frontwoman, passed away as well. One blogger talks about the difference in media coverage of the deaths. [TS]

Text without typing! Voice-enabled! Jeez, what will technology bring us next? Google unveiled its “iPhone Killer” today. At a reasonable price point of under $200 with a contract, who’s ready to try the Nexus One Superphone? [WashPo]

For many of us that live in urban centers, we’ve seen a demographic change on our stoops in recent years. An interesting article in the New York Times highlights the stark decline of African Americans in Harlem, and how a socioeconomic transition has resulted in the smallest number of Blacks in Harlem neighborhoods since the 1920s. Reading through the article, I’m curious to know where the Black population has gone. [NYT]

Did you know Eat, Pray, Love is moving to the big screen? A bestseller and one of the most-discussed books of recent years (thanks again Oprah!) is headed for a sequel and a motion picture. Who knew! [CNN]

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