NewsBites: What’s Going On In Yemen?, Mario x PETA, The Heroin How-To, Mayweather x Pacquiao, Who is Justin Bieber?

Yemen has taken over much of the airwaves recently. The Yemeni government has strong ties to the U.S. government, and many citizens are concerned about U.S. intervention in their local politics. Al-Qaeda has offered an outlet to much of the public unrest, and has built a strong foundation throughout. In response to ‘ongoing threats,’ the American Embassy in Sana’a closed its doors yesterday, citing extreme safety concerns. [WashPo].
Mario just loves his animals and won’t be signing up for any endorsement deals that require him to wear fur………. If you haven’t seen it, check out his new promo with PETA. “Ink, Not Mink.” [PETA]

The New York City Department of Health has published a pamphlet on safer ways to inject and use heroin. The “How-To-Guide” has come under significant criticism for potentially encouraging the use of illicit drugs. Personally, I doubt the NYC Department of Health is on the sidelines cheerleading addiction, but then again, you never know. Smart social policy or a government blunder? [CNN]

It’s being called the Fight of the Century. A potential Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao match-up may still take place as planned on March 13. The event had been put on the backburner recently when the Pacquiao camp launched a libel suit against Mayweather for accusations of drug usage. But alas, looks like the boys have agreed to a mediator in hopes of salvaging this multi-million dollar fight. Surprise surprise. [ESPN]

Another child phenom? Usher’s protege? Who is Justin Bieber? [NYT] (he’s a baby lesbian! lol…no really-hills)

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