PLR Links!: Maluca Madness, African Football Showdown, Glasses By Kerin Rose, Racialicious on Race, Healthy Hair, Diddy x VOGUE + McQueen’s Creaky Pumps

We like Maluca, thanks Pop Culture Professor. Peep it after the jump. “I went around your way…”

Sunglasses diva, Kerin Rose. Rihanna thanks her. Ow! [Hearty]

Jay-Z does NOT deserve this bag! It’s so not fair… [BagSnob]

Egypt is planning to murck Ghana in Sunday’s soccer match. Get out the beer. [AfriPop!]

Racialicious’ Latoya Peterson x The Root = Confab on Race. Listen in the link. [Rac’licious]

Thought Balmain was going to Target route? Nope. [TheBlayReport]

The Keys to Healthy Hair! Shout to the Mizani hair oil. [Clutch]

Puff got a VOGUE spread for the album that’s never coming out? Hm… [ATribeCalledNext]

Alexander McQueen’s Ballerina Titanic Pumps are creaky. [Nitrolicious]

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