Sicka x PLR: A Wine “Ohhh” Moment, Toasting Le Vin’s Face Cream

Need another reason to love wine? In addition to its culinary properties and delicious flavor, wine contains non-alcoholic phytochemicals like resveratrol (which I refer to as reverse-it-all) which help to reduce the risk cardiovascular disease and, according to a recent study, might even help fight early stage cancer. And there’s more — as it turns out, wine’s flavonoids and resveratrol act as antioxidants, protecting the skin from free radicals which can result in fine lines, wrinkling, age spots, and overall damage. Le Vin Skin Care‘s mission, then, is to give women another reason to raise their vino glasses in celebration, with a range of products that feature grape-derived antioxidant protection, as well as a blend of pharmaceutical ingredients and botanical extracts.

The quarterback of the Le Vin line-up is its Face Cream, a gentle moisturizer with a light consistency (it feels like a thinner version of vanilla yogurt, and it glides onto the skin like margarine —but minus any greasiness). The skin easily absorbs the cream and, once it does, you’ll notice your face has a softer, even velvety feel. It also smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, reducing their appearance, and it brightens the complexion significantly — after I apply the cream, I can actually notice a bit of a flush returning to my cheeks, even when I’m looking a bit gaunt due to lack of sleep.

The primary ingredient in Le Vin’s Face Cream is the brand’s proprietary Vita-Vino Actif complex, a blend of Chardonnay grape seed extract, resveratrol, and vitamins A, B, C, D and E. The cream also includes cosmeceutical ingredients like Matrixyl (which boosts collage production), Argeriline (which gently relaxes the facial muscles that contribute to wrinkle formation — without giving you that wax statue-esque, expression-less look), GABA (which relaxes the nervous system), Hyaluronic Acid (which helps to accelerate the wound healing process and which functions as a powerful inflammatory), Lycopene (which boasts antioxidant properties), Ceramide 3 (which is derived from milk lipids and functions as a carrier of sorts, helping to penetrate the top skin layers and deliver nutrients deep into the skin), and Helioguard (an algae-derived compound that provides UVA protection). These are then blended with skin-soothing botanicals like chamomile, sunflower seed oil, rose hip oil, borage oil, flax seed oil, arnica, lavender, white tea, calendula, and aloe leaf juice.\

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