Sicka x PLR: The Pros and Cons of Styli-Style’s Pro Line


Since STA’ inception, I’ve covered quite a few of Styli-Style’s affordable yet effective cosmetics — from its Flat Pencils (which are available in a bevvy of shades like Paris, a frosted pink, Venice, a frosted turquoise, Berlin, a deep wine shade, and LA, a deep lilac) to its Shadow 24 liners (pen-shaped eyeshadow applicators which feature a sponge-like tip) and its Timeless Lipstick line. Recently, Styli-Style decided to complement its mass market collection with a range of products designed for professional makeup artists (and those with an advanced knowledge of cosmetics). The Styli-Style Professional line was launched with a limited number of core products that focus mainly on the complexion: its Hideaway Concealer, a range of concealer pens with a button that releases color to the brush tip; a Kabuki Brush to apply mineral powder ad blush; and the Luna Bronzer/Blush compacts, baked bronzer shades with a slither of accompanying cheek color.

The Styli-Style Professional Luna Bronzer/Blush is available in five shades: 5401 Bronzed Shimmer, 5402 Bronzed Pink (pictured at top), 5403 Bronzed Fuchsia (pictured second from top), 5404 Bronzed Apricot, and 5405 Bronzed Rose. For the purpose of this review, I actually tried out the Styli-Style Pro Bronzer/Blush in 5405 Bronzed Rose, which is the darkest shade in the bunch. The rose color is more of a baked red so, if you’re fair-skinned, it will give you a Raggedy Ann effect that’s not the least bit adorable outside of the doll world. Then again, if you’re going to appear on television or on stage, under heavy lights that are likely to wash you out, you do need more potent color — and this Bronzer/Blush duo certainly delivers.

Both the blush and the bronzer are packed with shimmer — particularly the bronzer which seems to be saturated with tiny specks of glitter. The color, meanwhile, stays in place, which is both a blessing and a curse since, on the one hand, your makeup will have a longer life span and, on the other hand, once it sets, it’s extremely difficult to blend and diffuse (I’d suggest using some powder when you need to tone down or set this makeup).

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