A View on “Vanity Fair” from Espana

Can I just say how happy I am that Graydon (Carter) and Annie (Leibovitz) are catching flack outside of the US borders for the overtly colorless cover of Vanity Fair’s young Hollywood issue. I generally surf through the pages of El País every morning to catch up on the latest national news and last week, there it was… a title that caught my eye, “Vanity Fair Elige el Blanco como Color de la Década (Vanity Fair elects White as the Color of the Decade).” 

I pumped my fist and thanked the Washington correspondent for feeling the lack of color was important enough to report. I mean, the magazine blatantly ignored up and coming actresses of color. I was probably the only one here that read the piece and rejoiced as most Spaniards don’t have the same obsession with Hollywood as Americans. Furthermore, the highbrow Vanity Fair only began publishing their Spanish edition two years ago and it’s pages mainly feature the who’s who of Spanish aristocracy and high society.

For most, the preference is to read the true blue prensa rosa such as Cuore or settle down in front of the tele between the hours of 9:30 and 5pm to watch los programas de corazon like “Ana Rosa.” It’s basically several hours of endless programs mirrored after Jerry Springer. But back to what I was saying, VF, shame on you in a day and age when we talk about globalization, diversification and ‘’Yes We Can’’. Hollywood still has a long way to go, but we brown girls have a presence and the magazine should have highlighted bright and colorful starlets like Frieda Pinto or Zoe Saldana to name just a couple.

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