Basketball Trades and McGrady: ‘No Garden For Bad Knees’

So now that the dust has settled on the NBA trades made before and at the deadline, what can we learn about the deals the Knicks made?

Well, all the trades freed up enough free agent cap space to sign two big names in the summer for the maximum.

We also learn that Tracy McGrady was pretty great for his first game, but was right in line with Braylon Edwards’ first game as a Jet. Spectacular play in a loss.

Then, after only 15 points in his second game, he started rubbing his knee, and rubbed some more. Then some more, and now he’s sitting.

We also learned that Eddie House was brought in to “win” games. The Knicks haven’t won since he got here, but I think we’re supposed to be impressed with Sergio Rodriguez’ production as a starter.

Now that 50 cent’s little brother Nate Robinson has been banished to the town that shall not be named, and didn’t play so well upon his return to the Garden; I’m sure there will be plenty who will say what I always thought-a good player on a bad team looks great. A good player on a talented team looks…meh.

Best of luck to him though, and Darko, and Jeffries, and all the other dudes who’s lives probably improved immensely by leaving New York.

As for the rest of us? More comedy/anger/sadness, made more interesting by those freaks who think that by some miracle of divine intervention, the Knicks will somehow be able to woo Lebron James and Dwanye Wade or Chris Bosh to the big apple.

Thank goodness it’s Spring Training.

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