Estelle Previews New Single “Freak”

Estelle shot me a trailer for her new video “Freak” last night but I was out celebrating the launch of my boy’s new AOL site, *peep it!*

“Freak”  is a song about people releasing whatever needs to be emoted. I’m a fan of Estelle and I loved Cee-lo’s “Closet Freak” clip more than life itself so I see this as a WIN.

“It’s a very sexual song, I wanted to take it away from being about sex and make it more about bringing out your inner freak,” says Estelle in the clip. “So [we featured] all the crazy stuff that people do, we had the crazy glasses, the “Grey Gardens” hat…it’s a metaphor for how you control your life and have your different personalities. You bring them out when you need to.”

ps. I want those sunglasses, the golden glitter lipstick and maybe her boobs too. LOLZ.

Peep the clip after the jump!

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