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Finally! David Agbodji & Calvin Klein Make Us Believe

Ah yes! If you live in NYC, you know the the Calvin Klein ad space in SoHo is basically a really large canvas for soft-porn, unattainable standards of beauty and sweaty models, and has been that way for….actually forever. Whether it’s models engaging in an orgy, or Eva Mendes making us hate her and her bikini wax, New Yorkers just look at it, yawn, and then go to H&M down the street. But now that Parisian by-way-of Nigeria David Agbodji is the new face of CK…we can believe in New York street advertising again—just look at him! Stephen Klein outdid himself with the photography, but then again—David would look good with just a Kodak disposable camera. SoHo shopping trip anyone? Here is hoping that he is coming to a city near you. Want more David X CK – click on through, we’ve got the campaign after the jump. (Kinda sorta NSFW)

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