FOODIE: Chicken Breast Stuffed with Olive Tapenade in a Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce

Last Christmas, I received a Cuisinart food processor from the fambam because they’ve seen me try to dice ingredients into mixtures like jerk sauce and watched me fail pitifully. Don’t you love pity in the form of gifts? Anywho, I’ve been leisurely looking for a new recipe that would allow me to use my new toy and found this two olive tapenade stuffed chicken breast in a sun-dried tomato cream sauce. I made it just before NYC’s big snow storm recently, then I had enough tapenade left over to make the dish again on the snow day a few weeks ago to my tasters delight. I love the two olive tapenade because you can also put the mixture on sandwiches. Oh, and don’t try to execute the recipe with breasts containing bones. I tried and played myself. It was a chore keeping the goat cheese inside the meat while cooking the dish in the pan. Instead, the fillets are much easier to stuff and I’ve made this meat dish with spinach and mashed potatoes [pictured above] as sides and another time with cous cous and green peas. I liked the latter and don’t forget to top it all off with a nice wine.


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