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Let’s to Stay Together: The M.O.S x DJ Kiss V’Day Mix

It ain’t easy finding love in NYC. However DJ’s M.O.S and Kiss not only love one another but the pair spin together, and separately, at various clubs around the city and the globe. With Valentine’s Day looming, we decided if these two can make a relationship work while traveling around the world and all over the Big Apple, it’d behoove us to ask for some practical advice. They’ve even given us a nice mix entitled “The Afterparty” so when you call the lucky person in your world this Sunday, you won’t be stuck fumbling through your iTunes. You’re welcome.

PLR: How did you two meet and how long have you been together?

M.O.S – We met at a nightclub, Kiss was taking acting classes and waitresing at night and I was DJ’ing. We’d always end up staying late talking about music at the end of the night. I offered to give her DJ lessons and the love affair began. We’ve been together four years.

Do you ever hide music from each other?

Kiss – Never, we are each other’s biggest supporters. We represent each other. If one of us doesn’t look good, the other doesn’t look good!

What’s your favorite mixtape from your boo?

M.O.S – My favorite is Kiss’s “Ballad Of DJ Kiss: The Best of Prince.”

Kiss – His best of Michael Jackson mix called “Another Part Me.”

What are each of your best and worst qualities?

M.O.S – Her best quality is her passion and drive for excellence. It’s what makes her a great DJ and more so a great partner. I plead the fifth on the second part.

Kiss – His best qualities are his love and patience. He always gives people the benefit of the doubt. He’s the only person that would ever put up with me, lol! I don’t think he has any bad qualities.

How do you keep your relationship fresh?

No matter how busy we get, we always schedule date night. It’s very important to us that we spend time together that’s not work related.

Top five love songs?

Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”

Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love”

George Michael’s “Father Figure”

Michael Jackson’s “The Lady In My Life”

Jodeci’s “Forever My Lady”

Click here for “The Afterparty” and some sexy fun!

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