News Bites: Lil Wayne x Rolling Stone, Tapas, Somali Pirates Strike Again, Malawi “Gay Poster”, Anglophilia

Wayne’s going to jail, and you can’t give him any advice because this guy says he doesn’t need  it. Does he know there’s no syrup (initially anyway…) in the bing? At least this’ll put a stop to all those newborns for a least a little while… [RS]

Having a Superbowl party? Here’s a few ideas [FOOD]

My Somali pirates are back! Actually they never stopped jacking fools, the media just started covering swine flu, then haiti and now the bi-partisan fighting? Anyway, my dudes have jacked the “Asian Glory” for $15M. Sign us up. [TSE]

A Malawi man was arrested for putting up gay rights posters saying “Gay Rights Are Human Rights.” Being gay is still banned in Malawi. This is like saying being Chinese is illegal in Malawi. Wtf? [BBC]

ps. watched this last night, pretty good + Tommy was in it. Tip Top.

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